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Maurice White

Kicking it back to old school, we also have lost yet another iconic artist from the twentieth century, Maurice White, songwriter and lead singer for the legendary seventies band Earth, Wind and Fire. However, before Earth, Wind and Fire came along, White took the route of many successful artists and started his career in a small, local band. White and three other friends joined together to created what was called The Salty Peppers. The band name lasted for about two years before it was changed to Earth, Wind and Fire. White named the band based off of astrological signs and their meanings to him. While they were categorized as a jazz band, they played anything and everything. Their genre ranged from soul and gospel to funk and rock, creating a new revolution in music. While the lineup was changed around, they continued to record music into the late nineties including the Grammy-nominated “Hold Me” and “Show Me The Way”. In 2000, Earth, Wind and Fire reunited one last time in honor of being added to The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. On Feb. 3, 2016, White passed away at the age 74, due to a long fight with Parkinson’s disease.

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