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What is it about Ed Sheeran?

April 26, 2017

The popular pop artist Ed Sheeran has won multiple Grammy’s and is known for his nerdy personality. People of both genders believe the artist is not necessarily attractive, but has an amazing voice. Sheeran will going on tour this summer for his album Divide. He will be stopping in St. Paul to perform at the Xcel Energy Center on July 1.

Girls’ perspective

Ever since the hit “The A team,” rang through the radios all over the world, girls have not been able to get enough of the singer Ed Sheeran. After Sheeran’s first hit in 2012, he quickly gained millions of die-hard fans, who are known as the “Sheerios.” Sophomore Tor Dietz has had the privilege of seeing Sheeran in concert, “He makes all of his music by himself. He doesn’t have a band helping him, it’s just him and his guitar.” Sheeran has created three popular albums since his debut in 2012; Plus (2011), Multiply (2014) and just recently released Divide (2017) .

The latest album released by Sheeran is beloved by all of his fans and has even attracted new fans. The album was made after the artist took a year break from his career after his beloved mother’s death. He had to focus on getting himself mentally and physically better. When Divide came out, fans wentcrazy. Senior Bekah Bendorf said, “His Divide album is really personal to him, which makes it really raw; you can hear his emotions through the music.”

The songs in his new album reflect all the struggles the artist overcame during his career. When referring to the Sheeran’s fan base, it consists mostly of girls ranging from pre-teen to young adults. His lyrics in his songs are easy for girls to connect to because they relate to what most young girls go through their pre-teen/young adult years. His music has always been a source for girls to turn to in a time of distress, and hardship.

Boys’ perspective

Ed Sheeran is one of the world’s biggest pop stars. His music is well-written and universally relatable. He is a genuine musician, and is very involved in the making of his own music. The hugely successful singer has won two grammy awards and has been named “Best Breakthrough Artist.” Men like him for the very catchy tune to his songs, but his visual image is nothing special. Lots of people would describe the man as soft and ugly. Junior Noah Budach’s  gave his opinion on Sheeran, “His music is overplayed, but he is a talented artist and his music changes lives.”

Other boys find his music soothing and very motivational. Junior Brady Schuster said, “ Ed is a great guy on and off the stage.”  On Sept. 26 Sheeran performed at Gillette stadium in Massachusetts. He hosted his largest population audience with 53,000 people attending.

Some men do not care for his lyrics like girls do. They listening to the music for the catchy tune. From a man’s point of view at the OHS, 62 percent said they liked Ed Sheeran and his music. That leaves 38 percent that do not like him or his music. Out of 39 people of 62 voted yes and 23 voted no. If students have not heard of Ed Sheeran, they should check him and his music out.

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