A day in the life of a freshman


Brynn Hackerson

Lauren Phelps (right) and Ethan Hunt (left) during the A Lunch period

Brynn Hackerson

Often times freshmen students are viewed as the small fish in a big pond. What is not seen by the rest of the student body is the impact that they have on the community, projects and ideals portrayed by OHS. It is not always about the seniors; view it like this: the system of every high school is run by all four grades, regardless of age or position. Everyone builds off of one another, and the freshmen are the beginning of the ladder. This is where everyone begins. Sometimes it may feel like people do not to focus on the beginnings, and instead they view the process or skip straight to the end. However, the spark is what burns the timber to start a bonfire.

When asked about how her freshman year was going so far, freshman Student Council member Sydney Hunst said, “It’s going well! It’s been busy and really different, but I’ve enjoyed the challenge. I’m just trying to do everything! I’ve stayed busy, some people think too busy, but I’ve learned new skills to keep doing all of the things I enjoy as well as my homework.”

As anyone else, freshmen experience all of the bumps and jarring turns high school takes. Some can adjust and adapt, but for some people, it’s not as easy to juggle everything. Abang Okumu said, “I’m just really struggling with math right now, freshman year has been really hard for me.”

Although some people face challenges and surpass them with ease, some people are in between. They are still learning to overcome their greatest obstacle themselves. Natalie Utoft said, “Sometimes, when I get down on myself and get sad, I tend to not do my work and instead get all clouded up to where I can’t think. It’s made this year difficult for me, but I’ve found ways to get past that. When I can’t get past it, I’ll just ask for help.”

The life of a freshman varies from person to person, but at the end of the day, the process is about starting your growth through high school and becoming an individual learning hard work and perseverance. No one is perfect when they walk into high school, and they do not leave perfect either. This determination to make it through brings skills for the future and a stronger individual.