OHS Mangeant returns as the fun kickoff for the cash drive


Nicole Skalicky

Contestants of the 2018 OHS Maneant

Nicole Skalicky, Writer

The Mangeant has once again returned to OHS as the final boost of donations for the 2018 Cash Drive. This year, all proceeds of the Cash Drive are being given to fund Miracle Field and for a new playground at Manthey Park in Owatonna. Seven OHS male students have volunteered to put on a show and raise money for a good cause. With three Mangeant veterans and four newcomers, the show is guaranteed to be a success. The contestants are sophomores Jack Titchenal and Ashton Jensen, junior Phillip Koslosky and seniors Carter Kuehn, Payton Jorgenson, Nathan Buegler and Jake DeLeeuw. Titchenal, Jensen and Buegler are the only returners from last year’s Mangeant. All of the contestants put in multiple hours of preparation and practice in order to make this year’s show better than ever.

Mangeant veterans already have a step up on their competition from previous experience. Titchenal said, “I’m gonna keep it witty, like last year, and see where that takes me.” Jensen has an opposing opinion on how to improve his performance from last year. Jensen said, “I’m adding a couple things this year, and it’s gonna be good, you just have to trust me.” While the Mangeant newcomers do not have the experience, they do have new and exciting ideas to bring to the table. Carter Kuehn said, “My talent is going to really shock people. They won’t know what’s coming next because it’s all so spontaneous.”

My talent is going to really shock people. They won’t know what’s coming next because it’s all so spontaneous.”

— Carter Kuehn

The different events include an intense lip sync battle featuring a variety of songs chosen by the contestants, a talent show displaying real talent with humor added in, a timed hair and makeup contest and a handful of exciting interview questions for each contestant. These events will be judged by OHS staff members. The confirmed judges are Mr. Seth Muir and Ms. Micah Cabbage. Audience cheers will also play a role in crowning the winner.The Mangeant will take place on Friday, Nov. 30 at 7 p.m. in the OHS Auditorium. Admission is $5 and everyone is encouraged to come watch and support the cash drive and the seven contestants. There will be other opportunities throughout the show to give additional donations.