High usage

January 21, 2020

A large factor that contributes to many health problems, besides feeling left out, is the high usage time spent on social media. Various studies including journals from the University of Pennsylvania and York University, have shown that the longer time spent on social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, the higher teens are at risk for mental health problems, especially for anxiety and depression. An additional problem is that many teens are not aware of their high screen usage on social media. 

Social media usage is shockingly high. According to Jenny Anderson’s article More teens would rather text their friends than hang out IRL, 70 percent of teens ages 13-17 use social media multiple times each day; of those same teens 38 percent reported using social media several times each hour. 

Graph by Ethan Rohman and Logan Steckelberg
30 OHS students ages 14-18 reported their screen time for social media apps for the week of Dec.29- Jan.5

In a survey of 30 OHS students ages 14-17, the average time spent on social media was three hours and 25 minutes daily. Assuming that they averaged eight hours of sleep, 22 percent of their day was spent on social media apps. Junior Jacob Meiners said, “I use my phone too much on a daily basis and I realized this when I looked at my screen time in my phone settings.” Often, seeing the data is not alarming enough promote better habits, and the user continues to use social media frequently.

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