King Kong- the big monkey

Kong in his personal movie Source: Wikipedia

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Kong in his personal movie Source: Wikipedia

Abe Stockwell, Writer

King Kong first came out back in 1933. This film also received TV Land Best Movie to Watch at the Drive-In Award. This is how Kong got to the showdown with Godzilla. This will be focusing on Kong in the last two movies. King Kong Skull Island and Godzilla vs. Kong. The viewers are introduced to the same Kong in both movies. Kong is a giant gorilla that is king to all who are in its presence. There is an uncharted island that humans want to investigate. 

They find the island but the main goal is to kill Kong not to find what is on the mysterious island. On skull island, Kong not only has to fight the humans but deal with Skull Crawlers and Giant Squids. These creatures inhabit the island and their main goal is to kill Kong.  In the very beginning of Godzilla vs. Kong,  he was moved to a secret base to protect and keep an eye on him. 

As the movie progresses Kong is very unhappy and tries to destroy the dome he is in. Kong connected to a little seven year old girl named Jia. Jia is deaf so she uses sign language to communicate with Kong and Kong learned how to communicate back to her by using sign language.