OHS Concert Choir, Orchestra, and Carolers Share the Stage


Sky Krenzlok

OHS Carolers bring holiday joy one last time at the Owatonna High School.

Jayden Omangi, Writer

The holidays are exciting times that bring joy to many people at OHS. Music is a core aspect of this holiday cheer. The world couldn’t have Christmas without some music. The OHS choir and orchestra host a holiday concert every year, this will be their last year performing at the old high school.

Ms. Paula Asmus, the choir director, shared the preparations OHS students went through for the concert. She said, “Concert choir has been preparing since the beginning of the school year so this is their first big preview performance. Really it’s just rehearsal everyday, we put a lot of hours in.” A lot of effort was put into this concert, not just by the concert choir but others too. Carolers and symphony orchestra put hours of work in as well, and it paid off. This concert is also special for OHS because it will be the first time two women are conducting the top ensembles. Ms. Asmus said, “It’ll be really cool to share the stage and have that for the last year at the high school.” 

It’ll be really cool to share the stage and have that for the last year at the high school.

— Ms. Asmus

This concert always feels fresh because of the combination of choir and orchestra. Junior concert choir member Laken Meier said, “I really enjoyed this concert because I got to see choir and orchestra together and we don’t really get to see them play with each other that often.” Meier enjoyed performing at the concert, which at the end of the day is the goal of these concerts.

The Holiday Concert was a success, OHS families and students greatly enjoyed it. Ms. Asmus said, “I’m excited to see the growth of the students.” This year’s choir will be one to remember.