OHS answers: Hot dogs are not a sandwich


Designed by: Aidan Charles

The question around OHS is of “Is a hot dog a sandwich.?” . is debated

Aidan Charles, Writer

Lately, one of the hot topics within Owatonna High School has been the question-is a hot dog a sandwich? There is plenty of evidence to back up both sides to the argument, but who is right? If a hot dog is not a sandwich, then what does it qualify as? A few students around Owatonna High School have been asked how they feel about the subject. 

It appears as though most of the students at OHS believe that a hot dog is not a sandwich. Junior Jena Hanson said, “A sandwich has mayo on it, and you would never put mayo on a hot dog. I think of a sandwich with deli meat.” Hanson brings up the point that sandwiches contain certain condiments and certain meat. If that’s the case, what category does a hot dog fall under? 

Junior Ashlynn Schwering believes that a hotdog isn’t a sandwich as well. Schwering said, “A hot dog isn’t a sandwich, because it’s its own thing. It doesn’t fit into a category.” This leads to the fact that some people believe that it is a sandwich. Senior Layla Borchert argues that a hotdog is a sandwich. Borchert said, “Yes, because it is between two pieces of bread.” Junior Kenzie Pevolasky also thinks a hotdog is a sandwich. Pevolasky said, “Yeah, because it’s inside a bun, which is two pieces of bread.” 

It seems like the main reason people think a hotdog is a sandwich is because of the fact that it’s between two pieces of bread, which is a pretty solid argument. The people that say a hot dog is not a sandwich have commonly brought in other factors, such as other meats and other condiments that would go with a typical sandwich. The debate about what a hot dog really is will continue for years to come.