Looking back at winter break


Ella Williams

Minnesota weather causes changes to winter break, adding two snow days, a 2 hour early release and a 2 hour late start.

Ella Williams

With Minnesota weather, winter break ended up being longer than expected. Semester classes are winding down, 2023 is starting up, and students were thankful for the additional days off. With a total of 13 days off, plus an early out and a late start, there were plenty of things to do during the off time. 

Many students, no matter what they were celebrating, spent time with friends and family. The break gave time to meet with friends who might usually be busy with sports, jobs or homework. It also gave a chance to see extended family that people may not see regularly. Hailey Miller, a junior at OHS, was most excited to hang out with her friends. Miller said, “I just love spending time with my close friends, they make me super happy.” For many students, school can be overwhelming, and spending time with others gives them a chance to just relax and have fun. 

Another reason students were excited for time off was a break from all the assigned work. Classes can be overwhelming and exhausting. This time of year can be especially stressful with semester classes ending and having to study for and take finals. Winter break gives students the chance to wind down and take some time for themselves. Freshman Max Flemke said, “I’m excited to hang out and see family, but I’m also excited to get a break from school because I don’t like doing homework.” This seemed to be an overall theme in the halls of OHS and students were ready for a breather. 

Throughout the holiday season, there are plenty of things that students are thankful for and excited about. Winter activities like sledding and skating are prime for winter weather in Minnesota. Winter break not only gives students an opportunity to do things they might not normally be able to do on a normal school week, but also gives them time to relax and take a break from school work.