Owatonna Dance Team kicking their way to success


Callie Kreutter

The Owatonna Dance Team celebrating their clean sweep at Northfield.

Callie Kreutter, Writer

The Owatonna Dance Team has been a program at OHS for six years. Within those six years they have grown as a team in numbers and in skills. In December, all five teams took first place finishes three weekends in a row in Cannon Falls, Northfield and Rochester Century. This past weekend at Andover, the teams JV kick took first place along with their other four teams taking second place finishes. So far, they have had a very successful and competitive season. Head coach Nicole Gfere said, “It’s been a season of hard work and discipline, but also a lot of team bonding that has made it easier to do that hard work.” With the team’s passion, drive, and family atmosphere, it has contributed to their success. 

With the team looking forward to the Big 9 they have big goals for themselves. Coach Gfere said, “Our big goal when it comes to competition is to take first place at Big 9. Our overall goal is to end the season stronger than we started.” The team looks to achieve success this season, and by doing so setting a new standard for the program.  

Senior captains Jocie Hendricks and Hannah Wright both have high goals to have a major part in the team’s success; for their last season with the team.“I want to leave the floor feeling like we gave our all in everything we’ve worked for this season knowing that those hard days were worth it,” said Hendricks and Wright. With three competitions and three performances left, the team is ecstatic to give it their all. From here, the team has high aspirations for success. 

As younger dancers come onto the team, they bring lots of skills and drive. Coach Gfere said, “This season will set the bar for our bigger classes of sophomores and freshmen. They now know that their job is to lead the team in the same way.” Future seasons will only bring success and growth for the team.

There are a few opportunities for Owatonna to come watch their team, one of those being the community show on February 4 at the high school. The community show will highlight routines of Just For Kix, UPDS, and the Owatonna Dance Team. 

The varsity team will take the dance floor on Saturday, Jan. 21, at Rochester Mayo High school for the Big 9 competition.