Gilberto’s 24/7 service lights up Owatonna’s culinary scene

This is Gilbertos logo a new restaurant in Owatonna its open 24/7 for people to enjoy.

Logo from Gilberto's website

This is Gilberto’s logo a new restaurant in Owatonna it’s open 24/7 for people to enjoy.

Jayden Omangi, Writer

Gilberto’s Mexican Taco Shop is a new 24 hours everyday restaurant in Owatonna, located where Little Caesars formerly was. The restaurant has a multitude of options to choose from, anything from savory meals all the way to up to sweet desserts like fried ice cream. Gilberto’s is one mile away from the current high school and is a great choice if one is looking for something other than the regular lunch food to eat. Thankfully the new high school isn’t much further away from Gilbero’s, being less than two miles away.

OHS students appreciate the new food added to their palette that Gilbertos has brought. Senior Reegan Lindholm’s order at Gilberto’s has been consistent since her first taste. Lindholm said, “I usually get the sausage egg potato burrito. I think it’s pretty good, a little spendy but overall good food. I enjoy that it’s open 24/7 because usually when I get off practice most places are closed.” Gilberto’s is also gaining traction in Owatonna for its ability to stay open for 24 hours a day, making it the only restaurant in Owatonna to do so. Gilberto’s ability to stay open all hours of the day definitely helps them with their business.

Gilberto’s in addition has an extensive menu with many different options and variations. They have breakfast, vegetarian options, deserts, seafood, burritos, enchiladas and their taco menu. In each section of food there’s a multitude of different variations one can order. For example the burrito section has 19 different options for one to choose from and the breakfast section also has 16 options as well served all 24 hours of the day. 


OHS students value Gilberto’s 24/7 hours. Junior Nora Johnson said,“It’s a relief we now have a 24 hour fast place that actually tastes good.” 

Gilberto’s has also gotten good feedback based on their food portions. Senior Emma Meyer said, “I’m glad we finally have another place in town with actual good food, and I like the fact their proportion sizes are big for the food.” 

The restaurant Gilberto’s has been a success so far in Owatonna, with it being open all 24  hours of the day and its extensive menu bringing in customers from all over town. Gilberto’s is a welcome addition to Owatonna’s culinary scene.