Press release photos fair use Streaming has become more popular than cable
Press release photos fair use Streaming has become more popular than cable

Part II: ‘Tis the season for Netflix

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December 23, 2014

Starting tomorrow, you have 12 days of break. During these days, you will most likely catch up on your school work, clean your room, solve world hunger. Or, you will lay in bed all day watching Netflix. But, after you finish the final season of Gossip Girl, what should you be watching?

The OHS Magnet team has taken it upon themselves to come up with a helpful guide of the shows and movies you need to see if you haven’t already.

TV Shows:


Genre Number of Seasons Average Episode Run Time How long will it take to finish the whole series?
The Office Comedy, Witty, Irreverent 9 22 min 3.125 days nonstop (75 hours)
The West Wing Drama, Witty, Cerebral 7 42 min 109.2 hours
House of Cards Witt, Cerebral, Dark 2 46-59 min 21.67 hours (start now and you can catch up in one day!)
Gossip Girl Teen Drama, New York 6 39-44 min 84.7 hours (3.5 days)
Orange is the New Black Irreverent, Raunchy 2 51-92 min 22.5 hours (1,355 minutes)
Dexter Witty, Violent, Ominous 8 45 min 72 hours
American Horror Story Horror, Scary, Suspenseful 3 (season 4 not on Netflix) 39-63 min 40 hours
Firefly Sci-Fi Fantasy, Witty 1 44 min 10.3 hours
Carrie Diaries Teen Drama, Feel-good 2 42 min 18.2 hours
The 100 Sci-Fi Fantasy, Drama 2 42 min 14.7 hours
Sherlock Cerebral, British, Witty 3 85- 90 min 13.05 hours
Reign Drama, Historical 2 42 min 22.4 hours
Weeds Dramedy, Quirky, Satire 8 26 min 44.2 hours
Breaking Bad Dark, Crime Drama 5 43- 58 min 56.83 hours
How I Met Your Mother Romantic, Goofy 9 22 min 76.3 hours( only 4,576 minutes)
Arrested Development Witty, Irreverent, Quirky 4 22 min 25 hours
Pretty Little Liars Teen Drama, Suspenseful 4 (season 5 not on Netflix) 41 min 73 .8 hours
SNL: the 2010s Sketch Comedy, Witty               37 & 38 on Netflix 48 min n/a
Lie to Me Suspenseful, Gritty 3 42 min 33.6 hours
Once Upon a Time Fantasy, Drama 3 (season 4 not on Netflix) 43 min 55.9 hours
Mad Men Period Drama, Dark 6 (season 7 not on Netflix) 47 min 66.5 hours


We mainly use Netflix for binge watching TV shows, but Netflix originated with movies. These are some of the best ones we found for streaming:


Genre Rating Run Time Stars
Anchorman 2 Late Night Comedy, Goofy PG-13 1 hr 58 min Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rud
Catching Fire *this movie belongs to all genres* PG-13 2 hr 26 min Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcheson, Liam Hemsworth
Lords of Dogtown Sports, Drama UR 1 hr 46 min Emile Hirsch, Nikki Reed, Victor Rasuk
Clueless Romantic, Comedy PG-13 1 hr 37 min Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, Brittany Murphy
Heathers Comedy, Indie, Cynical R 1 hr 43 min Winona Ryder, Chritian Slater
The Breakfast Club Quirky, Heartfelt, Comedy R 1 hr 37 min Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall
Dumb & Dumber Slapstick Comedy PG-13 1 hr 46 min Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels
Zoolander Slapstick Comedy, Satire PG-13 1 hr 29 min Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrel
Wayne’s World Late Night Comedy, Goofy PG-13 1 hr 34 min Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Rob Lowe
Wolf of Wall Street Drama, Raunchy R 2 hr 59 min Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill


Unfortunately, The Breakfast Club will be leaving Netflix this January, but many new favorites are now coming! Mean Girls, Wayne’s World 2 and the complete collection of Friends will be joining our list of favorites to kick off 2015.

All photos were press released by Netflix



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