OHS school store in business


OHS School Store

Matt Reinhard, Journalism Student

Located directly across from the senior commons is the OHS School Store, a small student-run stand that sells various products ranging from Huskies gear to sports drinks. The store is operated by DECA, a business club for students, which is also where all of the proceeds go. Senior Eli Havelka is in charge of running the store during third period and has been working there since the beginning of the school year. Havelka, an active DECA member, said, “Mr. Pierce hooked me up with the job.” The most popular item sold at the store are the Aspire sports drinks, which are sold at $1.50 per bottle. Havelka said, “Blue Raspberry is easily the most popular flavor, although we also sell Lemon-Lime and Grape flavors.” However, sophomore Nick Hagen and senior Rylee Muhr claim the pencils as their favorite product. Hagen said, “I’m a big fan of the Husky designs on the pencils.” Aside from the drinks and the pencils, the store also sells various shirts, sweaters, hoodies, bracelets, lanyards and school supplies. The store is open for business during all lunches and anyone interested in working there must be an active DECA member.