Jazz Palmer performing for a packed audience during academic support

Dream chaser

April 6, 2018

People often dream of growing up to be a famous singer, and it takes an unbelievable amount of talent...

Due dates for all scholarships available to all students through the school

Free Money

March 22, 2018

Many seniors are worried about the extra work that scholarships bring to their already busy lives. But,...

Bottom to Top:  Sheldon Jensen's face, Kyra Rahn, Kenna West, Spencer Steckelberg, Hannah Gebur , Greta Jacobson, 
Will Titchenal, Claire Borgerding and Braeden Meier
Not Pictured: Kenny Johnson

Snow Week Top 5

February 13, 2018

Snow Week is very similar to Homecoming week at the OHS with lunch activities, dress up days, a dance...

Sophomore Jacob Fast soars through the air

Dashing through the Pool

December 22, 2017

The Owatonna Boys Swim team has started their season out with a 0-2 record. The team’s first conference...

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