Quarantine balancing act for older siblings

Youngest sibling Avery Andrist meeting with her class at her makeshift desk

Marcus Andrist, Writer

April 24, 2020

The oldest siblings in a large family tend to have more responsibilities than their younger siblings wil...

Mr. Stormo will end his teaching career after 29 years at Owatonna High School

Mr. Stormo’s long career at OHS comes to a close

January 15, 2020

Mr. Mike Stormo has taught at Owatonna High School for 29 years, and he has always put his students ...

Teaching through REACH

REACH has created an environment that pursues these goals in their first year at OHS

Marcus Andrist, Writer

November 26, 2019

School can be stressful for many, and for some students, this stress is an overwhelming combination ...

Roxi Stewart prepares herself for free transcript day in the career center

College Knowledge Month at OHS

October 29, 2019

October is College Knowledge Month. Throughout the month, secondary and post-secondary educators collab...

Mr, Kath poses with Ms. Jeska in the hallway

Homecoming for Kath

October 1, 2019

Mr. Kath always had coming back to Owatonna to be in an administrative role at OHS in the back of his mind. Mr. Kath said, “I was always passionate about coming back to Owatonna, especially with high school students.”

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