Part II: The cost of education

Ava Stockwell

October 31, 2013

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On Nov. 5, the Owatonna voting community will decide if they want to give the Owatonna school district more money. This is the 2013 Referendum. A referendum is an act of a legislative body proposing measures and then having people vote on it. The voters can either reject or approve of the referendum. The 2013 Referendum is also...

The cost of education

Maureen Gleason

October 29, 2013

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Education: the success of the past relied on it, the present requires it and the future will need more of it. It is widely acknowledged that the gift of education is a vital piece of our lives. Unfortunately, education comes with a price. And with a new proposed Levy from the Owatonna School Board, that price may be going up....

2013 Homecoming Royalty Halftime Dance


October 17, 2013

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On Oct. 17 the OHS Homecoming Court was honored during the halftime celebration. Because the Homecoming Football game was called due to lightning in the first quarter,  the court was unable to be honored.

Preparing for the future

Preparing for the future

October 16, 2013

Many think the day before an upcoming break will be just that- a break. However, students were ushered into the OHS gymnasium to a bit o...

Drug-free is the way to be

Drug-free is the way to be

October 15, 2013

If there is one thing most school-goers will remember, it is probably Red Ribbon Week. The drug-awareness...

Planning for your future

Katie Peach, Writer

October 11, 2013

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On Wednesday Oct. 16 freshmen through juniors will be taking a test to help them with their future, and indicate how they are currently preforming. Freshman will be taking the Explore test, which is the first piece that provides them information to help them make the right choices through high school and beyond. Sophomores...

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