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Editorial Policy


The Magnet’s responsibility is to provide Owatonna High School’s students and staff with informative, educational, and entertaining news and student opinions. The Magnet is a free newspaper distributed to students. Print Publications are up to three times a year. Our online newspaper is is updated multiple times a week.

Our goal is to report the news accurately, honestly, and fairly. All materials in the Magnet will be bias-free with the exception of clearly marked editorials and columns which are found on the opinion page and elsewhere in the paper.

The Magnet is a newspaper by and for the students of OHS. We welcome your opinions and ideas. We encourage you, the students and staff of OHS, to use this paper to your advantage.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns please contact Ms. Jessica Wagner, the Magnet adviser, or any of the members of the Magnet Staff at [email protected]

However, we will not publish anything obscene, degrading or offensive. Nor will material, opinionated or otherwise, that is libelous, irresponsible, or advocates any kind of illegal activity be published. We will not exercise prior restraint, but we do reserve the right to edit materials as we see fit.

In order to be published, all letters to the Magnet must be signed by the person or persons who write them. Letters may be placed in Ms. Wagner’s mailbox or given to a member of the Magnet Staff or submitted as a Letter to the Editor emailed to [email protected]

High school journalists are guaranteed First Amendment protection for what they write. Along with this freedom, we understand that we have an obligation to serve our readers responsibly and respectfully.

Staff editorials in the Magnet are the opinions of the Magnet staff and may not reflect the views of the adviser or the school administration. The column is the opinion of the by-lined writer. All other statements on the opinion page are the opinion of the writer and are not necessarily reflective of the viewpoints of the Magnet Staff.

Errors will be corrected in the next issue or online. Corrections to print stories will be republished online as soon as error can be corrected.


The student news site of Owatonna High School.