Why to hate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, the one day of the month where love is in there air, even if most people rather not inhale the same air as people who are in love do. The only significance of this day is the expression of love between a person and their significant other. Other than that, people who are single see this day as a normal and regular day, filled with cringe-worthy festivities. It is on this day that people who are not in romantic relationships have to beware that there will be lots and lots of girls holding flowers, candy and most definitely big stuffed bears. PDA will also be given throughout the day in public and no one wants to see that, but there is nothing we can do but try and ignore it. The worst thing about Valentine’s Day is that the school will most definitely go way overboard on decorations and gifts that student council will be sending to loved ones if purchased and yet some just have to sit there enduring all of it, never once receiving anything. It seems pointless, money gets wasted and yet this is the only time in the year where men will give their significant other a gift of appreciation and love. I mean what happened to doing out of the goodness of the heart and making it a surprise? It makes it seem as if love can only be defined and expressed on this day and this day only, but it does not have to be that way.

It has always been known as a day for couples, but what about family?”

And why does Valentine’s Day have to only be between two people in a relationship? That is the thing, it does not have to be that way and it should not be limited to that. Parents and siblings would love gifts reassuring them that they are not only loved by their significant other, but also their children. It has always been known as a day for couples, but what about family? Family members do not get as much recognition as much as they should and anyone would like candy or even a stuffed animal, with an appropriate saying on it of course. It is stupid to limit this day for couples because stuffed animals, candy and cards are all things that still exist and can be bought at any time. There is no reason to have a day dedicated to couples because it makes it seems as if men are forced to get their significant other a gift and if they do not they will be in trouble. But when you think about it, a gift would matter more and mean more if it was given on a day that means something to both of the people in the relationship and happened out of the blue, out of appreciation. Love should not be ignored or waited for until Valentine’s day comes around, because love is not defined by Valentine’s day. In the end, Valentine’s Day seems pointless.