OHS students return to school full time
Transition back to real school
Ruby Garza, Writer • October 11, 2021
The current controversy surrounding Facebook has amplified conversations on issues like misinformation and harmful online content
Controversy within the digital sphere
Claire Heyne, Writer • October 8, 2021
The testimony given by Ms. Frances Haugen on Oct. 5 has raised many questions surrounding the ethics of social media
Facebook whistleblower sparks important discussions surrounding social media
Claire Heyne, Writer • October 8, 2021
Senior captain Ari Shornock taking the ball up the field
Owatonna Girls Soccer moves up to AAA
Jerome Stransky, Writer • October 13, 2021
The varsity girls starting the race
Racing to the end
Sam Pfieffer, Writter • October 12, 2021
The team listens to Coach Curt Matejcek talk before their sections match against Waseca
Girls tennis keeps swinging
Alex Huemoeller, Writer • October 11, 2021
DIG and Mixed Roots meeting on Sept. 8.
Diversity and Inclusion Group's look into the upcoming school year
Janessa Moore, writer • October 12, 2021
The winning team competes in the Family Feud event held on Thursday, Oct. 7
Family Feud event continues homecoming week festivities
Marlee Dutton, Writer • October 11, 2021
OHS students gathered for movie night
Movie on the field
Olivia McDermott, Writer • October 7, 2021
There are many mothers at OHS here we highlight just a few.
Mother's Day at OHS
Brittany Sackett, Writer • May 7, 2021
Bad Batch team grouped up source: Comics Beat
Bad Batch blasting off
Connor Budach, Writer • May 4, 2021
C.T. Vivian speaking with the mayor of Nashville, Ben West Source:CBS
C.T. Vivian's memoir released
Janessa Moore, writer • April 30, 2021
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