Nolan Burmeister receives his scholarship check
New format for scholarship night
Sam Snitker, Writer • June 2, 2021
Ms. Ragatz retires after teaching for 36 years
Audrey Simon
Ragatz leaves after 36 years
Audrey Simon June 1, 2021
Ms. Pirkl retires after 22 years of teaching at OHS
Pirkl says good-bye
Kaden Nelson, writer • June 1, 2021
Vaccine distribution throughout Minnesota is picking up.
COVID-19 vaccine distribution promising a better tomorrow
Evan Dushek, Writer • May 25, 2021
Breaking the stigma around mental health.
Survive the mental giant
Bella Voigt , Staff writer • May 21, 2021
All juniors and seniors had the opportunity to attend prom this year.
Prom 2021: COVID-19 Edition
Muna Mohamed, Writer • May 11, 2021
Huskies coming off the field
OHS Boys Baseball swinging into playoffs
Connor Budach, Writer • May 28, 2021
Lane Wagner in the blocks ready for the race.
Speeding past the competition
Collin Vick, writer • May 28, 2021
Senior Fletcher Schultz battles against Northfield defenders
Boys Lacrosse wins Big 9 and heads into sections strong
Zach Kubicek, Writer • May 25, 2021
Sam Snitker lines up the putt
Swinging into boys golf
Cole Earles, Writer • May 20, 2021
Elizabeth (Izzy) Radel playing second base against Red Wing
OHS Softball is swinging for the fences
Abe Stockwell, Writer • May 20, 2021
Grace Smith about to throw the lacrosse ball
OHS Girls Lacrosse defends their title
Parris Hovden , Writer • May 14, 2021
Dress up days for Homecoming Part II are listed above
Homecoming Part II “Spring Fling” comes to OHS
Brody Homan, Writer • May 20, 2021
The teacher parking area
Struggles of parking
Cael Robb, Writer • May 18, 2021
Welcoming safe spaces
Welcoming safe spaces
Janessa Moore, writer • May 14, 2021
Above is one of the four bucket planters for sale
What's blooming in the Ag Building?
Matt Seykora, Writer • May 13, 2021
Bigs with their Littles
BB-BS recruitment
Elissa Macias, Writer • May 13, 2021
Ethan Koziolek will attend South Central College on a workforce Scholarship.
Koziolek's hard work pays off
Collin Vick, writer • May 6, 2021
There are many mothers at OHS here we highlight just a few.
Mother's Day at OHS
Brittany Sackett, Writer • May 7, 2021
Bad Batch team grouped up source: Comics Beat
Bad Batch blasting off
Connor Budach, Writer • May 4, 2021
C.T. Vivian speaking with the mayor of Nashville, Ben West Source:CBS
C.T. Vivian's memoir released
Janessa Moore, writer • April 30, 2021
Press day release photo for new movie Yes Day now streaming on Netflix. Source:
Saying yes to everything you can wish for
Bella Voigt , Staff writer • April 23, 2021
Netflix releases new season of "Good Girls".
Source: What
Good Girls new season release on Netflix
Brittany Sackett, Writer • April 21, 2021
The epic showdown Source: Collider
Showdown of Godzilla vs. Kong
Abe Stockwell, Writer • April 13, 2021
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