Go for the gift card

Charity Jackson, Writer

It has happened to nearly everyone at some point in their life. Their birthday or the holiday season rolls around and they receive a gift from a peer, co-worker, or loved one. Although sent with good intentions, the gift gets left in the back of the closet for who knows how long.

In reality, no one can go wrong with a gift card. If the giver does not know someone well then it is much easier and simple to give a gift card, rather than getting them something they will not enjoy. Junior Elisabeth Daley said, “If I don’t know a person as well and I can’t find out what to get them, a Walmart gift card will benefit them more because they can get whatever they want instead of some piece of trash I get them.” This applies especially to someone that likes items such as clothes or makeup because it is hard to know someone’s ideal size or shade they need. Sophomore Israel Kraling said, “One time my grandma got me a sweatshirt four sizes too big and I would have much rather preferred a gift card.” According to Wallet Hub, “In 2015, 50.4 percent of consumers view the factor of how gift cards allow recipients to select their own gifts as what influences them to buy them.” This is illustrating how gift cards are not purchased out of laziness but more so careful consideration. Instead of also gifting someone an annoying return or exchange trip it’s better to just get the person a gift card to their favorite store because they know what they like best.

Purchasing a gift card still requires the person to spend money, time, consideration and effort in addition to giving the receiver something meaningful and the freedom to choose whatever their heart desires. This can be further emphasized in a variety of ways. If a friend really likes a certain or more expensive restaurant, a gift card to that place will help them out on their next visit. Many gift cards also come with a meaningful message written on it that illustrates how the giver feels about them. This shows how important the person is, rather than some object that will sit in their home and cause them to forget who gifted it to them. Some people feel that getting a gift card is lazy, but the website found here, shows a variety of creative ways to add meaning and demonstrate a greater effort.

A poll done by OHS Magnet on Instagram,@ohsmagnet, found that 77 percent of the 137 followers who took the poll think gift cards are a good gift. The term gift card has the word gift in it for a reason. They are just as meaningful as any other present, the gift givers just want the receivers to benefit as much as possible on the special holiday or birthday.