Ala Carte is improving

Angel Barajas, Writer

At Owatonna Senior High School, a la carte has become more popular because of the alternative food-options provided for students. These options include breakfast bars, chips, a variety of cold drinks, hot food and the popular choice of soft serve ice cream. These food-items are an additional cost to students at elevated prices that range from $0.75 all the way up to $3.00 dollars per item, but it all depends on what item students are purchasing. Some students will pay for a la carte rather than getting a full meal due to their dislike of school lunches.  Regardless of how students feel about main lunches, they think a la carte has been improving over the years by providing more variety of foods and snacks.

A variety of students at OHS say that a la carte is improving very slowly by bringing more options of snacks and hot foods. Sophomore Mitchell Clark said, “I think a la carte is improving as time goes by, but it would be super cool if they would put snacks like beef jerky.” Students would appreciate it if a la carte would incorporate more options to their menu. Students also wish a la carte would be open every single day of the week throughout the year in case students forget their lunches at home or just simply don’t like the school lunch for that day.

Also Sophomore Nolan Cavazos said, “In my opinion a la carte is perfect and just right because it offers a variety of chips, drinks and the best thing is the soft serve ice cream because it is a unique feature to a la carte and not something that all schools even offer.” Students at OHS are very thankful for a la carte being available here with a variety of snacks, fruits and cold drinks for them with the amazing option of ice cream for lunch.

A la carte has been around for many years now and in the future school administration is looking forward to making it even better. At the new high school a la carte will be serving more of a variety of hot food, chips and drinks, compared to the current OHS. As the new school comes to life students and staff are excited for new school lunches and improved a la carte options.