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OHS welcomes guests to new campus

First Lady of Minnesota speaks to ISD 761 Staff
Jose Rosas
First Lady Gwen Walz was greeted by both OHS Principal Kory Kath and Superintendent Jeff Elstad prior to speaking to ISD 761 staff.

On Wednesday, August 30, the Owatonna Public School District was bustling with excitement on ISD761 opening day. The new Owatonna High School officially opened its doors to educational staff from around the community. Guest speakers for the event included Ms. Gwen Walz, the First Lady of Minnesota and the Superintendent of Owatonna Public Schools Jeff Elstad. 

From the new auditorium, First Lady of Minnesota Walz addressed staff about the path Owatonna has chosen by building the new high school. (Jose Rosas)

Once the school was filled to the brim with ecstatic educators, a special guest took the stage of the brand new auditorium. First Lady Walz focused her speech on community building and how education is valued in Owatonna. 

Ms. Walz said, “Being involved in a community and engaging others is one of the most important aspects of what we do in education.”

Anyone who comes here sees the priority that Owatonna has around students.

— Minnesota First Lady, Gwen Walz

As an educator herself, First Lady Walz knows how education is the glue to a tight knit community. She said, “Anyone who comes here sees the priority that Owatonna has around students.” Ms. Walz emphasized the importance of the state of Minnesota being united as one regardless of differences. Education provides a sense of harmony among communities. 


One theme of Mr. Elstad’s address focused on being courageous. (Jose Rosas)

Superintendent Jeff Elstad shared words of encouragement that he had for the educational staff. He took notice of the challenges that a new school may bring, but despite these challenges, the Owatonna community voted yes to a new school in 2019.

Mr. Elstad said, “I believe that it takes more courage now to be a public educator than ever before.” Mr.  Elstad focused on the fact that a future in a new school environment is unknown. It takes courage from the Owatonna school district to go forward despite not quite knowing what the future of education holds. 

He said, “Moving into a new building is not easy and I know you’re all still challenged by that in some way.” 

Mr. Elstad spoke words of positivity and hope in his speech. He said, “We have the opportunity this year for something really special.” The emphasis of his speech was that the 23-24 school year is going to be the best year yet. 

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Norah Sletten is a junior at OHS and this is her second year on OHS Magnet staff. Sletten joined Magnet because she is interested in journalism and wanted to improve her writing skills. Along with being on Magnet staff, Sletten is also a part of the Owatonna Dance Team. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, listening to music, painting and hanging out with friends. In her future, Sletten can see herself being an English teacher or having a career in the field of psychology.
Jose Rosas, Editor

Jose Rosas is a junior at the OHS this year. This is his second year in Magnet. Rosas joined Magnet to be able to get out the news that is happening in the OHS, and because he heard Magnet was a really fun class to take. Outside of school,  Rosas is involved with DECA, BBBS, and soccer. His hobbies include running, hanging out with friends and playing video games. Rosas future plans include finishing highschool and going to a four year college to pursue a degree in Biomedical engineering. Rosas is looking forward to a good year in Magnet and getting Best of SNO’s.