The student news site of Owatonna High School.


The student news site of Owatonna High School.


The student news site of Owatonna High School.



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Lauren Kubicek is a junior at Owatonna High School. This is her first year on the Magnet staff. She is involved in many activites at the school inluding the Owatonna Dance Team, DECA, BBBS and Student...

Magnet staffer 23-24
Raeghen Murry

Raeghen Murry is a senior at Owatonna High School. This is her second year being involved in Magnet. Murry is involved with Track and Field in the spring. She is also involved with her church and the youth...

Magnet Staffer 2023 - 2024
Joanna Haggerty
Web Designer

Joanna Haggerty is a junior this year at OHS. This year she is an active member of the OHS community. She is involved in DECA, Students for Life Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Girls tennis and is a new...

Lifting the bar

Corporate partnership leads to state of the art facility
Aza Lewis
Coach Eggermont in the new Fitness Center

Owatonna welcomes and introduces students to the new high school, offering many tools to help students succeed. Owatonna High School collaborated with Hammer Strength to create a state-of-the-art fitness center. One room is designated for cardio purposes, and the other has 16 racks, free weights and machines. The layout and the set up of the equipment were not only designed to accommodate student-athletes’ needs. It was created to be an efficient space, whether with time or creating a flow that allows athletes’ lifts to be more efficient. 

Hammer Strength is a branch of Life Fitness that strives to seamlessly bring the most recognized, high-performance, innovative equipment and technology to the fitness community. Hammer Strength worked with administrators and Wold Architects on the design process and equipment selection; their goal was to create more than just the weight room and fitness room. They wanted to create the most impactful and tailored Fitness Center for Owatonna High School. 

Working alongside Hammer Strength, strength educator and Coach Jerry Eggermont had a heavy impact. Eggermont has taught and coached for 32 years in Owatonna, creating a culture in the weight room like no other. Eggermont could not be happier with the new Fitness Center, what it offers and its impact on student-athletes.

Eggermont got the chance to go to the facility in Ramsey, Minnesota to work closely with individuals from Hammer Strength to explain the need to create the most functional fitness center by mapping out the layout and determining the equipment most suitable for the high school. Mr.Eggermont said, “They were super helpful and asked lots of questions and wanted to hear how we train and the flow of how we train.” 

“The new equipment is amazing and allows us to lift in a better and more organized way.”

— Jacob Ginskey

The school and community with how well Hammer Strength worked with Mr. Eggermont, not only on getting it done fast and efficiently, but also mimicking the old weight room flow, culture and making the space well-rounded for all student-athletes. 

Owatonna introduces a state of the art facility, impacting all student athletes.  Senior football captain Jacob Ginskey said, “The new equipment is amazing and allows us to lift in a better and more organized way.” Hammer Strength was super pleased to work with the high school. Hammer Strength coordinator Lon Record said, “It was incredibly rewarding to be a part of this project and to see the reaction of the student-athletes.” Overall, the new Fitness Center is having a significant impact on not only students and athletes but everyone that was involved.

OHS also received support from local corporations Wenger and Gopher Sport.  Wenger donated the lockers to supply functionality and space-efficiency. Also, they are highly durable and easily adaptable for everyone. Senior Jaedynn Tjon said, “The new lockers are so nice, and the layout is super nice; it was just kind of like a maze right away.” The new lockers are well-liked by all students and are a great addition to having a more organized locker room. 

Also, a new addition to the high school is the changing rooms. The gym lockers are open, leading from the halls. However, for gym classes or activities, they have separate changing rooms. Junior Kalleigh Malecha said, “It’s a smart idea and good to make everyone feel comfortable and inclusive.” The Fitness Center is located on the second floor right when you walk up the stairs from the athletic doors.


About the Contributor
Aza Lewis, Writer
Aza Lewis is a junior at Owatonna High School this year. This is her first year as a Magnet Staff. Lewis is involved in DECA, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Lewis also spends much of her time dancing competitively outside of school for a studio. Lewis enjoys hanging out with friends, shopping, and working out. Lewis hopes for the future to be on a college dance team and pursue her passion in sports medicine. Lewis is excited to see her progress in writing and see what it takes to be in Magnet and also all the behind-the-scenes work of Magnet.