The student news site of Owatonna High School.


The student news site of Owatonna High School.


The student news site of Owatonna High School.



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Ella Highfield is a senior at OHS, and it is her second year on Magnet staff. Outside of school she dances for Just For Kix dance studio. She is also involved in YoungLife, DECA, Link Crew, SHOC and Thriving...

Magnet Staffer 2023-2024
Jayden Omangi

Jayden Omangi is a senior at OHS this year. This will be Omangi’s second year in Magnet. He came back because he enjoyed his first year as a writer and photographer. Omangi is involved in Soccer, Deca,...

Lexie Klecker is a junior at Owatonna High School. This is her first year on OHS Magnet. Klecker joined Magnet to improve her writing skills and get more involved at OHS. She is involved in Basketball,...

Mitch Seykora swinging into the next level

Sevy Enter
Junior Captain Mitch Seykora fields the ball and throws the ball across to first base.

Owatonna senior Mitch Seykora committed to play NJCAA baseball at Iowa Central Community College. He is looking forward to finishing his senior year strong as he starts his last season of high school baseball.

High school athletes have to go through a difficult process to find a college that best fits them. Seykora said, “It was hard choosing the school and figuring out what I wanted to do and why I wanted to go there.” Although it was a hard decision, Seykora decided on Iowa Central Community College and signed on National Signing Day this year.

There are a lot of factors Seykora had to consider to decide which school to commit to. Seykora said, “I chose this school because they had really good facilities and the coaches made it feel like home.” After weighing the pros and cons Seykora decided that ICCC would be the best fit for him.

Although it is a long and hard process to commit to playing a sport in college, it is possible if you put in enough effort. Seykora said, “In order to make it to the next level you need to always work hard and don’t give up. If things get hard, keep pushing through it.” It takes a lot of work to make it to the next level but if you push yourself you can reach your goals.

Seykora has put in the hard work and has reached his goal of playing at the collegiate level in sports. He said, “Committing is a great accomplishment knowing all the hard work I have put in and seeing where I can go from there.” Seykora looks forward to what he can accomplish now that he has committed.

The Owatonna community has helped many seniors at OHS reach their goals of playing a sport in college. Seykora said, “The coaches and adults around me pushed me to be the best I could, encouraged me, and were there for me whenever I needed it.” With the help from the coaches and adults around him, Seykora has been able to commit to playing baseball in college.

One coach that has helped Seykora succeed is the high school baseball head coach Tate Cummins. Cummins said, “His desire to get in the weight room and get bigger and stronger and faster along with him getting his drill work in has helped him reach the next level. He definitely has the passion and energy to make it to the next level.”

He definitely has the passion and energy to make it to the next level.”

— Tate Cummins

Seykora is excited to see what he can do at ICCC, he said, “I’m excited to be with a new group of guys and playing the sport I love.”

He hopes to continue his success at Iowa Central Community College where he plans to major in something in agriculture.

About the Contributors
Alia Kubicek, Writer
Alia Kubicek is a junior at OHS. This is her first year of Magnet. She is involved in DECA, Prom Committee, Young life, and 4-H. Kubicek also plays hockey and soccer. In her free time she can be found at her cabin, hanging out with friends and family and online shopping. She joined Magnet to improve her journalism skills and learn more about student life and school activities. After high school she is planning on attending a four year college and pursuing a degree in business. Kubicek is looking forward to her first year in Magnet.
Sevy Enter, Photographer
Sevy Enter is a senior at OHS this year. This is his first year in Magnet. Enter joined Magnet because he heard that it was a fun class and so that he could take photos at events happening around OHS. Outside of school, Enter is a freelance photographer for STC. His hobbies include going to the lake, lifting and selling shoes. Enter’s future plans include photography, business and maybe film school at a university. He also has a cat named Kitty and a fish named Fishy. Enter is excited for his first year in Magnet.