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The student news site of Owatonna High School.


The student news site of Owatonna High School.



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Mariah Cuellar
Social Media Editor

Mariah Cuellar is a senior at OHS, this is her second year on Magnet staff. Cuellar will continue running the social media for Magnet this year. Cuellar is a part of the OHS cheerleading team and cheers...

Lexie Klecker is a junior at Owatonna High School. This is her first year on OHS Magnet. Klecker joined Magnet to improve her writing skills and get more involved at OHS. She is involved in Basketball,...

Norah Sletten is a senior at OHS and this is her third year on OHS Magnet staff. Sletten joined Magnet because she has an interest in journalism. Alongside being a part of OHS Magnet, Sletten is involved...

OHS Robotics builds for competition season

Designed by Ramla Yussuf
OHS Robotics is open to all grades throughout the school.

OHS Robotics is currently in its competition season. Recently they had a competition in Iowa where they ranked pretty high on their offensive rank helping their overall score. Robotics is a club open to all grades at OHS. 

The Robotics Club is set up so students with different interests in mechanical engineering and programming can join and help with building and designing a robot. With yearly competitions, the team develops their robot to fit the competition criteria.

Junior Audrey Hudock has been involved in robotics for two years.

Hudock said, “I joined the club because I heard from my friends that it was fun.” Hudock also explained how at the beginning of the year, the team found out how they should design their robot and what it should be able to do. This year, the rules are that the robot should be able to shoot discs at different targets as well as climb a chain at the end of the match. 

Inside of Robotics as a whole, some subgroups have their tasks to work on. The team is divided into five groups: business, programming, build, electrical and strategy. Business teaches students how to market, plan and fundraise while dealing with finance management. Programming revolves around working in a team environment so they can adapt to tough situations. 

We want to get more kids involved in the middle and elementary schools so there can be a district-wide setup.”

— Carter Hanson

The build team teaches students how to problem solve and uses hands-on work experience. Electrical engineering teaches students how to stay organized, stay focused and learn how every part of the robot works. Lastly, the team focuses on a strategy that teaches students how to communicate efficiently and develop strategies to ensure success. 

The subgroups have their leaders. The build team is run by team captain junior Audrey Hudock and John Jierle. Juniors Micaela Fast and Hannah Fair lead the electrical team. Sophomores Braylon Robbins and Eric Xie lead the programming team. Juniors Erin Baker and Nora Cowell lead the business team. Lastly, senior Aaron Ginetti and junior Veronica Morales lead the safety team. The club as a whole is run by coaches/advisers Nathelle Beadell and Forest Ward. 

The team’s two captains are seniors John Jierle and Carter Hanson. 

Hanson said, “We want to get more kids involved in the middle and elementary schools so there can be a district-wide setup.”

Hanson, similar to Hudock, joined because he also thought it would be fun and that later led him to be involved all four years of high school. He plans on becoming an architect in the future and taking the skills he’s learned in the club along with him in his future career. 

In the coming years, Robotics hopes to do as well as the previous years and expand throughout the district. Next year, they are starting a program in middle school. Adviser Nathelle Beadell said, “We hope to expand our knowledge and training for the high school team.” Over the summer, they will host programs and camps to help the next season. Through consistency and dedication, the club has seen and continues to see growth.

About the Contributor
Ramla Yussuf, Writer
Ramla Yussuf is a junior this year at OHS. This is her first year in magnet. In school, Yussuf is involved in Student Council, SHOC, Key Club, DECA and Link Crew. Outside of school she likes reading, watching TV, shopping and spending time with family and friends. In the future she hopes that she can be a teacher or an author. Yussuf wants to learn how to bake and also wants to learn new languages, so she can travel to multiple different countries. Yussuf joined Magnet in hopes of improving her writing skills, growing her love for journalism and meeting new people.