Retiring OHS custodians


Ali Mohamed, retiring custodian

Ali Mohamed and Richard Schnorenberg, two OHS custodians, will be retiring from the Owatonna High School. Both men have worked the evening shift for many years.

Ali Mohamed has been a custodian for the Owatonna school district for fifteen years. In that time, he has worked at nearly every school in the district. His job at the high school includes emptying the trash cans from the classrooms, cleaning various things and just doing whatever needs to be done. Mohamed’s retirement plans include traveling back and forth between Somalia, where some of his family is, and southern Minnesota, where his brother currently lives. There are several things that Mohamed will miss about being in Owatonna. He said, “I will miss my wonderful co-workers at the high school, the job security that I have and the good citizens of Owatonna.” However, Mohamed said, “I will not miss the Minnesota winter weather.” The last day that Mohamed will be working at the high school is Dec. 14, 2015.

Richard Schnorenberg has been working for the Owatonna school district for nine and a half years. In that time, he spent five and a half years at the junior high and spent the rest of his time here at the high school. Schnorenberg’s custodial job includes cleaning classrooms, setting up high school sporting events and musical concerts and helping with anything that needs to be done or setup. Schnorenberg’s retirement plans aren’t fully decided yet. He said, “I want to visit some friends that I haven’t seen in years, but other than that I’m not sure yet.” Schnorenberg also said, “I will miss seeing the transition that high school students go through that leads into adulthood.” Schnorenberg enjoys his job at the high school. He said, “Everyday is a surprise” and “the biggest reward of working here is when past students remember me when we walk by each other in the hall.” The official last day of work for Schnorenberg is Feb. 10, 2016.

Both of these men will be missed by the students and staff of Owatonna High School. The entire high school wishes these staff members the best in retirement.