Snow Week volleyball extravaganza

Sam Hylle, Writer


Snow Week began on Monday, Feb. 1, with another successful pajama day, followed by an exciting Volleyball Extravaganza that evening. The turnout for the annual match was slightly down from last year, with only four teams competing. The senior class provided three teams; The Dads, “Team Blue” and The Tailgaters. Team Blue finally emerged victorious after three straight disappointing seasons on the court. Senior Eli Havelka said, “It feels great to finally win this thing, especially after losing to the freshman last year. That was embarrassing.” The marquee matchup of the night was undoubtedly between the two rival teams, The Dads and Team Blue. It was a back and forth match, with the dads employing humorous antics to entertain the crowd, as well as distract the opponent.

Team Blue was led by Sam Callen, who impacted the game on and off the court, whether it be by his setting ability or just motivating his teammates to take the games seriously. Brooke Otterson, coach of The Dads, shared her thoughts on the match, saying, “We may not have won the game, but we sure looked the best with our dad uniforms.” The Snow Week Volleyball Extravaganza is, and continues to be, an exciting opener to, what will no doubt be, another successful Snow Week for OHS students. Wednesday’s dress up day is western themed, followed by rock and roll day on Thursday. Friday’s theme is neon in anticipation of the black light dance on Friday night. Hopefully this year’s Volleyball Extravaganza will lead to yet another successful Snow Week!