Love is in the air


Maria Golberg

Juniors Bekkah Bendorf and Grace Simon handing out Heart to Heart Matchmakers during lunch

Luke Bunkers, Writer

Every year, come early February, the love bug visits Owatonna High School and infects the student population. This love bug takes the form of a Matchmaker survey. The students of OHS are given a Matchmaker survey two weeks before Valentine’s Day, in their weekly advisement assembly. This survey asks several questions, such as: The best thing you have going is, the best way for someone to notice you is and if you had x-ray vision you would…These surveys are a humorous way to cope with the otherwise lengthy month of February.

To gain a better perspective of how the OHS feels about the Match Maker survey, Magnet interviewed the socially conscious senior, Brooke Otterson. When asked what she likes about the survey, Otterson said, “It’s really fun when you finally get your results back, and see who your top matches are!” Otterson also spoke about her hope of finally finding her true love.

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“I haven’t met my true love through the Matchmaker, yet. Maybe this year I will. ”

— Brooke Otterson

This fundraiser is also a highly anticipated event for the student council. When asked about why the student council gives out this survey, student council president, Grace McClintock said, “We’ve done Matchmaker surveys for a long time, and it’s a great way to get in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.” The Matchmaker surveys have proved to be loved by the student body. “The past couple surveys we have done at the end of the year show the Matchmaker survey as the one of the most liked things we do, so why not!’”

These surveys are paid for by the students as a fundraiser for the OHS Student Council. In order to get results back and find a true soulmate, students have to purchase them at one of the four different lunch periods. The Matchmaker result are sold for two dollars each, from Feb. 8 through Feb. 12 located in the upper commons.