Holland commits to Augustana College in Illinois

Many Seniors are looking at  their choices for college and sending in their applications, but for senior Hayden Holland he has already made his commitment.  Holland committed to Augustana Illinois this last month. Holland started showing interest and  playing lacrosse in seventh grade. In the summer after ninth grade while he played on traveling teams he thought he would have a chance of playing college lacrosse

Holland had many reasons to commit to Augustana Illinois. Some of his biggest reasons are because it has a very nice campus, great academics for his studies which he is planning on becoming a chemistry major, and has a great lacrosse program. Holland made the decision to commit now instead of later in the school year because he already visited the rest of the colleges that he was interested in and he received a good scholarship.

Holland said his goals are to, “Keep getting better at lacrosse and to contribute to his team in college.” The lacrosse player he looks up to is CJ Costabile a defense for Duke and went pro. Holland said that this will not change his outlook on the season because he is always practicing and trying to get better.