Knowledge Bowl members prepare for the end of their season


Eric Reuss

Seniors Jordan Julian, Brandon Peeters, and Nelson Jourdan listen to a question at Knowledge Bowl practice

The OHS Knowledge Bowl team has been off to a good start this season. So far, the team has participated in three meets. In all of these meets, the team has placed in the top quarter of all the teams. Knowledge Bowl is very similar to Jeopardy. The questions have the same difficulty, but in Knowledge Bowl, participants do not have to answer in the form of a question. The questions can range from what is the substance used in modern day pencil lead? To naming both of the European countries that are contiguous to the Gulf of Cadiz. Most of the questions that the team encounters are not as hard as that second question. Practices are held on Tuesdays after school at 3:30 pm in the B-300 computer lab. This year there are five people, led by coach Stacy Nguyen, that participate in the meets. Senior Knowledge Bowl member Brandon Peeters said, “The competition is fierce, but that is what I like about it.”

However, the team does face it’s fair share of hard questions. If a situation comes up where the team has no idea what the answer to a question is, then they can come up with an educated guess. Throughout the season, there have been multiple occasions where the team has gotten a question right because they guessed. The team has also gotten some questions wrong because they second guessed themselves and did not go with their first answer, which ended up being the right answer.

The team’s last regular season meet is on Feb 26. They also have a subregional meet on March 8. If the team places well in the subregional meet, then they will move onto the regional meet. And if they place high in the regional meet, then they will move onto the state tournament.