Roxi rocks


Grace Pyatt

As Kim Kardashian releases the first pictures of her new son, Saint, we are reminded of the saints in our own lives. For those who go to OHS, one of those saints is the counseling receptionist, Mrs. Roxi Stewart. Any student who visits the career center knows how good at her job Stewart is. She helps students with anything from scheduling appointments with counselors to helping students with scholarships, and now she is receiving some well-deserved recognition for her hard work.

Mrs. Stewart has been chosen as the 2016 Southeastern MN School Counselor’s Association Administrative Support Person for the southeastern region. This award is for administrative assistants, and the qualifications are that the person nominated needs to show leadership, ethics, and effort in their work. She was nominated by counselors Mrs. Vicki Berdan and Mrs. Brynn McConnell for the award and won. Mrs. Berdan said, “I think that there are a lot of people that just come in every day to work, and they do their job, and it’s the best that they possibly can and I don’t think that we recognize that as much as we should. I really felt that if anyone needed to be recognized for that it was Roxi because she honestly does so much work and does it so much better than anyone I know.”

Mrs. Stewart said, “I was completely surprised, and I feel very honored because we’ve had obviously other people in the administrative office and and the counseling department who have also been recognized and so I feel like I’m following in their footsteps. This really boosts who we are and what we do here in the OHS.”

There will be a banquet held on April 14 to honor Mrs. Stewart and her accomplishments.