You never know what’s coming next

Playing sports comes with its downfalls, like the end of the season. For some teams the season does not end the way they wanted it to. This is the case for the OHS volleyball team, who lost 2-3 against Rochester Mayo in the section championship. Last year, Owatonna beat Mayo in the exact same game, and earlier this season Owatonna lost to them. The Huskies went 20-11 overall and 7-2 in conference this season. Senior captain Bobbi Livengood said, “I think the season went really well, we grew as a team and peaked when we were supposed to. Yes, the season didn’t end the way we wanted it but we put a great fight, I’m so proud of all the girls.”

This year the team has two seniors, Livengood, and Captain Kirsten Elstad. Livengood played as a left side hitter, and Elstad was a middle hitter. Coach Jason Kaytor said, “Two people tough to lose, but hopefully we will come back next year.”  Livengood said, “I will miss my Owatonna volleyball family, we were so close.” Elstad said, “I will miss the girls the most. They are all my best friends and I love each and every one of them.” Even though the loss was hard, they will be coming back even stronger next year.