Students SHOULD get credit for extracurricular activities

Many people believe that students should get credit for being in extracurricular activities. If students did receive credit, it would serve as a motivation for kids to join in activities and clubs outside of the classroom. Being in extracurricular activities is able to vary students’ days, so they are not sitting in classrooms for hours on end and then that is what they do all day. Also, being involved in school activities or clubs has been proven to be beneficial to students’ overall health.

Since students put in so much time into their extracurricular activities, they should be rewarded for it.”

— Jake Nelson '16

Being in activities outside of school hours teaches students skills they cannot learn in the classroom, such as being selfless and using teamwork and cooperation. On top of all this, it is pointless for students who are involved in sports to take a gym class and students who are in speech should not have to take a public speaking class. For being involved in extracurricular activities, students should be rewarded for their time and effort, and this can be given to them through giving credit for extracurricular activities.