Students SHOULD NOT get credit for extra curricular activities

Meghan Schuler, Writer and Videographer

Many people believe that students should not get credit for being in extracurricular activities. The main argument is that students choose to be in these activities. Kids still participate in extracurricular activities, now, even though they do not get credit. Some students, also, cannot afford to be in clubs outside of school. To be in one sport, it costs students $150 annually. To be in an activity like speech or math league it costs $70. The maximum cost for families is $465.


It is more gratifying for students if they don’t get credit for being in extracurricular activities. ”

— Margo Achterkirch '18

For some OHS students, many do not have time. Some students want to work during their free time or spend time with their families. So, it would be unfair to these students if it credit for clubs was allowed. Being in extracurricular activities can also be a distraction to students, so it would not make sense for administration to pass this ruling of students getting credit for being in clubs.  Also, it puts more emphasis on participation than academics. School is the most important concern for students and being in extracurriculars just distracts them from this.