Winter may be gone, but testing is coming

Taylor Spaar, Writer

Testing stress stock photo

As the warm weather of spring settles, it tends to induce torn feelings in many high school students. While the school year is nearing the end, it also means that testing days are looming in the distance for the both the Sophomores and Juniors. Sophomore Edgar Robles said, “I think I speak not just for my class, but future generations to come, when I say we don’t want to take this dang test. But, we need to take it because it shows what we know and can help us choose a good career.” Although these exams are no doubt stressful, they are not only helpful to plan for student’s academic futures, but are also a requirement for graduation. However, the good news is that both grades still have some time to prepare for testing.

The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments for math and science will take place on Wednesday, April 13. Tenth graders will attend first, second and part of third hour until 11:34 a.m. at which they will eat during B lunch. Then at 12:04, the Sophomores will report to the auditorium and the testing will begin at 12:20. The MCA science test will then begin and continue until the end of the school day. As for the eleventh graders, they will report to the auditorium right away at eight a.m. and then arrive at the testing site 15 minutes later. The test will ensue during first and second hour, then the students will report to their third hour and continue the day as regularly scheduled. All the while, ninth and twelfth graders will attend classes as regularly scheduled.

On Tuesday, April 19 OHS will be testing MCA Reading and ACT.  Freshmen and Seniors will not be attending school on that day. Tenth graders will begin the day by reporting to the auditorium to watch an instructional video. Afterwards, they will make their way to their assigned test sites and begin the MCA Reading test. Once the assessment is over at 10:30 a.m., Sophomore students may leave the building. The Juniors, on the other hand, have to report to their assigned testing room immediately at eight a.m. and begin testing. They are given until one p.m. to complete the test and are permitted to leave at this time. Bussing services will be available to students without transportation. However, they will be on the normally scheduled school day and won’t leave until 2:30 p.m.

Get your sleep, be confident and if time is running out, fill in empty blanks with the same letter because you won’t be penalized for it.”

— Lisa Beschnett

Mostly likely, many are scrambling to cram in studying for these tests after forgetting to over spring break. Do not stress, these tests will only examine the content students have already been taught by their teachers. In addition, there is still time for students to prepare themselves with the time left. For those with a busy week ahead of them and not much time to study, has a simple five-day study plan that can get students ready for the ACT one hour a day. On the other hand, for those who would like to go into the test-taking as strong as they can, has also laid out a more rigorous study plan that plans for seven days with each day involving three to four hours of studying. Mrs. Beschnett, a supervisor for the ACT tests, gave a good piece of advice and said, “Get your sleep, be confident and if time is running out, fill in empty blanks with the same letter because you won’t be penalized for it.” To keep up to date with testing news, visit the Owatonna schools website or contact TMM supervisors for more information.