Ag class tune up


Emily Glynn

Agriculture building’s shop sign

Emily Glynn, Writer

When students register for classes, they are not only choosing the classes that they are interested in, but also what classes will be offered at the Owatonna High School the following year. While some students have dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers or a career in business, there is also a selected few who have dreams of working in the agriculture field.

The agriculture industry has changed tremendously within the past couple of decades and even in the past couple of years. The Ag department at the OHS has noticed the changes and is making necessary changes to their curriculum. Current Ag teacher, Mrs. Tinaglia said, “The point of all this is to change with the Ag industry and follow up with the new technologies.” An example of changing the curriculum can be seen through the exchange of Ag mechanics, to the new and improved, Ag Power and Technology. Ag Mechanics  focused on mechanics and equipment  like old tractors. This new class teaches the students how the new models are run and how to deal with the new technologies that can be found in the new equipment. Assistant Principal, Mr. Miller said, “We just want to keep things relevant and keep up with the modern agricultural careers and new technologies. The agricultural skills needed are constantly changing and we want our students to be able to compete in the industry.” Farm business is not what it used to be and is always changing, but the OHS will continue to advance their programs with the improving field.