OHS Theatre premieres brand new comedy

Spring play opens Thursday

Gabe Cardiff, Writer

The hours are over, the curtains have closed and now it is time for the Owatonna High School’s Theatre Department to put on their last main show of the school year. This year, the spring play is a brand new comedy, written by Don Zolidis, called Nooses Off, which is an adaptation of the hit comedy that OHS did in 2004, Noises Off, by Michael Frayn. Nooses Off is about the struggles of putting on a play called Nine Little Indians, which is based off the play, Ten Little Indians, now known as, And Then There Were None, a play that the OHS did in 2007. When people’s personal life and the cast and crew create problems, Lila, the director, played by senior Ava Stockwell, struggles to get the play on track due to members of the cast fighting her at every step. She has to deal with crew members who don’t care, like Estrella, the Russian costume designer, played by senior Thomas Boisen. Or other members such as Millie, the mildly psychotic props manager who is a nervous wreck, played by junior Skye Jorgensen. Despite the bad rehearsals, the show must go on and opening night brings excitement, jitters and appendicitis, but will that stop them?

Besides the similarities to Noises Off, another unique aspect about the show is the set. The set of Nooses Off is large compared to past plays, which have had sets that were smaller and less complex. The set takes up most of the width of the stage in the OHS Auditorium, and is two stories tall. When asked about the set, the show’s director, Erik Eitrheim, said, “A unique thing about this show and it’s doppelganger, Noises Off, is that it is viewed from both sides. One side viewed as the actual audience watches the rehearsal, and then other side is viewed as watching backstage as they present the show within the show to another ‘audience’.” In order for this play to work, the entire set is required to be flipped around. As a result, the entire set is on wheels, attached by a pivot to the stage making it capable to spin it 360 degrees. The set was built using a blueprint for the Noises Off set, with minor alterations. Like other Farces, this show is simple when it comes to the tech. Lights are straightforward and sound is about average for a play.

With the hard work put in by everyone involved, the OHS Theatre Department is ready to reveal this brand new comedy to OHS and the community. Nooses Off will be showing in the OHS Auditorium, April 21-23 at 7:00 p.m., and April 24, at 1:30 p.m. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students, and will be on sale one hour before the show starts. Activity passes will be  accepted.                

OHS Theatre Dept.