Peer tutoring is coming to OHS


Application sheet

Carline Reebie, Writer

Tutoring is a topic that has been brought up regularly among the Owatonna High School staff for years. With such large classroom sizes, students who need extra help are not finding it from their teachers. There is an obvious solution; other students, such as upperclassmen with a well developed understanding of the subject, can assist peers who are struggling in a certain school subject. The only road block for administration when it came to the topic of tutoring, was finding the right students to help in assisting fellow students in the subjects they struggle in.

This year, Mrs. Brynn McConnell took the initiative to start a program to do this. All sophomores, juniors and seniors wanting to become a peer tutor can fill out a volunteer tutor form, which are available in the Career Center and must complete a short training session. Those who are looking to receive tutoring can fill out the tutor request form, also located in the Career Center.

Not yet paired, tutor, junior Elly Rohman, explained why she wanted to be a part of this program, Rohman said, “If I can teach somebody the things I have learned to do to make things easier, that would be helpful to them, so why not? Plus I like working with people.” Tutoring can help any student. Many newcomers to the OHS could use direction when it comes to organization, studying, homework completion and adjusting to different learning environments. Several specific subjects are available such as Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Spanish, French and German. Stop in the Career Center to get involved today.