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Mrs. Shives-English Dept.

Mrs. Shives

Why did you decide to start teaching?

I have the best job. I get to read beautiful literature, talk about it, and hang with really cool people.

What is your favorite part about teaching?

Definitely being around teenagers- they make me laugh- sometimes cry- and keep me young!

Best memory as a teacher?

Usually the last day of semesters are pretty emotional for me. It is very bittersweet- saying goodbye. Watching students come in as freshmen, bumbling through life, and see them come out as seniors, I feel so proud as I watch them cross that stage at graduation.

What some of Mrs. Shives’s students think of her and her classes:

“It is quite lovely being in Mrs. Shives class. She is a great teacher and I really enjoy how she focuses on inspiring students and helps us recognize that writing is a process and doesn’t come out perfect the first time.” -Nick Sande, Sophomore

“Mrs. Shives challenges you, but doesn’t want to put a ton of stress on you. She is a great teacher and friend. She is here to teach you, but to make it enjoyable in the process.” -Brett Peterson, Junior

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