Back from the bunker


Tituss Andromedon (Tituss Burgess) and Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie Kemper)

Kristen Rysavy, Writer

Season two of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt launched on Friday, April 15. The first season left viewers off with antagonist, Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, in jail for the kidnapping of Kimmy and her fellow bunker mates. After the ending to season one, questions have been raised as to what could possibly happen in season two with all of Kimmy’s problems seemingly resolved. Surprisingly, there was a lot of hilarious stories to be told throughout the season, and the season ended with potential for even more to come.

The show picks up right where it left off with all of Kimmy’s problems seemingly gone. Jacqueline Voorhees is seen acclimating to her life in the Dakotas with her Native American parents. Titus is still free-loading off Kimmy and Lillian, and as the audience soon discovers, Kimmy still has a lot of recovering to do from her time in the bunker. Season two does a fantastic job at developing beloved character introduced to us in season one as well as bringing in new characters. Titus’s past lives and Kimmy’s childhood become center of the storyline for early on in the season. Jacqueline’s love life closes out the season as she decides to look for love instead a man with money.

After finishing the season, most viewers can agree that writer Tina Fey does not disappoint. The show’s insane over the top characters and gut-busting humor are the reason this show works on so many levels. With the addition of Kimmy’s therapist and Uber ride regular, Titus’s more masculine partner, Mike and Jacqueline’s insanely wealthy nemesis, there are plenty new stories and new laughs in this season. In the beginning of season two  the cast reintroduced some old jokes from season one, but they worked, and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Throughout the season, people who are offended by everything, hipsters, the wealthy and many other talked about groups of people are satirized. These jabs are made not only with humor, but with a purpose as they not only make the audience laugh, but inform viewers of what our society is like today. As the season goes on, a lot of character development is done, and the audience is able to uncover some more of the character’s background. With the discovery, comes the resurrection of jokes from season one that were funny, but didn’t make sense, and season two sheds light on these jokes.

Press release photo Kimmy Schmidt is back for a second season
source: Google images
Press release photo Kimmy Schmidt is back for a second season

The only negative qualities of season two is that it was filled with a lot more singing than the first. At times it seemed to be put in there just for the sake of filling time and had no real purpose. The music also moved the show along at a sluggish pace and most can agree that we begged for it to stop. With the absence of Xanthippe Voorhees and Buckley Voorhees, many of the parenting jokes were unfortunately cut from the show.

Overall, season two brought out a new spice of humor that had viewers breaking into laughter. With such an incredible and successful first season, the second season had a lot to live up to. Despite not being as good as the first, season two provided audience with new, well-written jokes and a great storyline.

Originally only signed on for two seasons, most fans can sing, “It’s a miracle!” that there is one more on the way.