Not Chipotle, but…

Carline Reebie, Writer

If Owatonna has been lacking anything, many can agree it is a Chipotle. A close alternative has arrived. Located on Bridge street, Red and Green Burrito has recently opened in what was previously the local Quizno’s. Seating available for 29 customers, the space is a little small, but functional.

You start in the back and work your way through the line, adding to the burrito. One can also try a salad or burrito bowl.  Everything is setup very similar to the popular restaurant, Chipotle. The prices are reasonable, about $7 for a burrito depending on what meat you choose. Typical in this type of restaurant, guacamole comes with an extra charge. Even with the $1.50 guacamole charge, the burrito bowl fell below expectations.

The meal was lackluster. All of the ingredients tasted unexciting and bland. The lack of seasoning may be healthier, but if one is going to splurge on a giant burrito in the first place, it should not matter. Overall, the ingredients did not seem fresh or appealing to the eye. The atmosphere was cheap. One cannot help but notice the colorful walls not associable with Mexican cuisine. It is unimpressive. Only if a craving for Mexican food hits, but you do not have the time to drive an hour to a Chipotle or sit down and be waited on at one of the other three Mexican restaurants in Owatonna would I recommend stopping into Red and Green Burrito.