RTI-next year’s TMM

Meghan Schuler, Writer

Starting in October of 2016, RTI, or Response to Intervention, is a new program being implicated into the school year. RTI would be in place of TMM and would happen once a week. The periodic TMM will be the same structure as it has been previously, with a focus on college and career readiness, as well as the 7 Habits and high school issues involving bullying and suicide prevention. TMM would likely still happen, but instead of being once a week, it may only be once a month.

RTI is a program that would give students more freedom to learn different subjects they may not have gotten a chance to put in their schedule. It also gives students the opportunity to get extra help from a teacher in a class where they may be struggling. Some students do not have time before or after school to get help from teachers, or they don’t have enough time to do their homework or study for a test. RTI would be a time for students to catch up and not feel such a time crunch. Students can study for an AP test, work on their homework, or if they’re all caught up and don’t need the extra study time, they may even get the chance to do something like learning to fly a drone. Sophomore Jade Huseby said, “I think RTI is a great idea because it will give students more time to study for tests or do homework if they don’t have time in the evening.” Sophomore Kenna West added, “The addition of RTI next year will give students more independence and will make them feel like they are able to make their own decisions.”

At the beginning of the week, students would sign up for what they would like to do for RTI that week. One week, a student would be able to get help from a teacher and then the next week, if they are caught up on their work, they could sign up for a fun activity. RTI is an excellent addition to next year’s school curriculum and will give students the opportunity to not fall behind or to learn something new they’ve always wanted to try, but have never gotten the chance.