Halloween is near…are you all set?


Shaymara Salinas

Display of Halloween decorations

Shaymara Salinas, Writter

The Halloween Express has the best possible options for all ages to create an unforgettable costume for Halloween this year. Halloween Express is proving to be convenient to decorate an environment with the spooky Halloween spirit.

While the business has been running for 16 years with nine stores in Minnesota, this is its first year located in the Medford Outlet Center. It was a big risk for the business, for they have never been out of the Twin Cities area. However, they decided to risk it and have been very pleased with the outcome. Currently staffed with ten employees, Halloween Express is definitely open to increasing that number. Many staff members mentioned how creative their customers are and the eccentric, busy moms that stop by. The reason they chose to work at Halloween Express was because it seemed like an exciting change of pace and thought they would enjoy the different atmosphere. The staff was in agreement with saying, “The funnest part of this job is being able to play with everything.” Advantages of working there would be employees receive 25 percent off all products. If scheduled to work on Halloween day, one must cooperate until their shift is over to receive 50 dollars in store purchase for free.

Be ready to see countless Pikachu on Halloween day because the most popular costume they have been selling by far has been the popular Pokemon character. The widely-known game Pokémon Go, that came out this year, has definitely helped them with their sales. On the other hand, Halloween Express has also sold several clown masks, for there are a variety of selections to choose from.

“The funnest part of this job is being able to play with everything.”

— Halloween Express Staff

Take advantage of this new addition to the Medford Outlet Center and shop locally for the best decorations and costumes. The Halloween Express has been open since  Aug. 20 of 2016 and is planning to close shortly after Halloween. For further contact information, visit their website at www.halloweenexpress.com.

Stay safe, have a happy Halloween and be mindful of all the spookiness this year!