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Pie Chart describing what proportion of students scroll or use Instagram
Ellie Rohman
Pie Chart describing what proportion of students scroll or use Instagram
Pie chart showing how many times students scroll or use Twitter.
A pie chart that shows the percentage of students who use Snapchat.

Social media is used widely around the world to get stories and information. While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are all very popular, different ages of people use different social media the most. Based off of a survey given to students at Owatonna High School, students tend to use Snapchat the most.

The survey had 158 responses, all from students of OHS. There were 58 seniors, 37 juniors, 35 sophomores and 28 freshmen who took this survey. The survey was available to all students to eliminate any skewed results.

With social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it was obvious which apps were used the most by students when the result of the survey window had closed. It displayed that only 6.3% of students scrolled through Twitter more than 21 times, only 19.6% of students scrolled through Instagram more than 21 times, but 74.1% of students used Snapchat more than 21 times.

When OHS Magnet staff realized that the students were not the main viewers on the social media they had actively been using, they realized they wanted another form of media or way to reach the student body of OHS. Magnet wanted to establish a Snapchat account.

Snapchat is a way to send pictures or videos to peers, friends, and family members with crazy filters only lasting ten seconds or less. Connecting with people is very important and at OHS it is important to keep in touch with peers outside of school.

The group decided that making a Snapchat Policy to present to Principal Mr. Randall would create the greatest chance for Magnet to make a Snapchat profile. This idea was reused from other school newspapers that the Magnet staff met and heard speeches from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Journalism Day.

After the policy was approved and Mr. Randall gave Magnet the go to make a Snapchat, Magnet was ecstatic. Magnet started to prepare for the section final for football, so Snapchat stories could be put up during the game.

These Snapchat Stories showed slow motion videos of touchdowns, pictures of the team huddle and a video of coach Williams reflecting on his overall thoughts of the football game win.

The first use of the school Snapchat was enjoyed by all. Magnet staff, OHS students, teachers and Mr. Randall all appreciated the great coverage of the football game. Mr. Randall then told kids to watch the OHS Snap Stories of how to sign in to the new Student Support program during second hour on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

Students enjoyed the Snapchat stories as well. Seniors Amanda Collins and Tori Urch described what they liked about the Snapchat stories. “I got a more of like a up close than I would’ve if I didn’t have it,” Amanda stated. Tori Urch’s reaction was similar to Amanda’s opinion of the Snapchat stories.  Urch said, “I liked being able to watch the plays close up afterwards and seeing the game from a different perspective.”

Magnet’s social media numbers are the best they have been this year and they all look forward to all the news to come that can be covered with Snapchat.

Magnet plans to capture great plays by the Huskies, quick quotes from coaches and players, and updates on current games as they continue.

Fine arts are also very important to the student body of OHS and the community, so Magnet is excited to use Snap stories to show the beginning and ending of certain events to inform people what is going on at the OHS school and its activities. After activities there can also be quotes from key participants and pictures of them as well.

Magnet’s articles can also be mentioned on Snap Stories. The writers of certain stories can shortly present the key ideas of their story and why it is important for OHS students to read.

Student will be more informed about the great opportunities, activities, concerts, and sports that OHS has to offer them.

To look at the Snap stories of great OHS events, add Magnet Snapchat-ohsmagnet.