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November 14, 2016

Start with the first layer that you would like to wear. The first layer will include your pants, t-shirt, and socks. Next step is your second layer, something like an oxford shirt, flannel or sweatshirt. If you began with a basic shirt, then you can go for a cardigan, pullover, etc. Move on to the pants you want to wear. The color of the pants should complement the shirt you wear. If you wear a light shirt, then it is good to wear a dark pair of pants, and vice versa. Once your shirt and pants are decided, adding an outer layer like a bomber jacket, pea coat or casual blazer is a suitable final touch to your outfit. Jackets like these are nice during the fall because of the constant temperature change.

What’s in:

  • Do wear flannels
  • Do wear chukka boots
  • Do wear army green jackets
  • Do wear chinos
  • Do attempt swimming in the snow
  • Do go out of your comfort zone
  • Do wear what makes you feel confident
  • Do wear a casual long sleeve t-shirt with a pocket on it

What’s not:

  • Don’t wear shorts
  • Don’t wear white pants
  • Don’t wear sandals
  • Don’t worry about how others think you look
  • Don’t be afraid to dress up a little
  • Don’t break the dress code

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