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November 14, 2016

Start with the obvious basics: jeans or leggings, and either a plain shirt or patterned shirt. With jeans or leggings and a plain shirt, you could layer a flannel or a cardigan and add a scarf if you would like. If you choose a patterned shirt, you could wear a bomber jacket or a wind breaker. If you choose leggings or a dark pair of jeans, you could wear a chambray shirt with a plain or patterned shirt underneath. For shoes, you will want to wear something that will keep your feet warm. Boots are obviously great for this. Converse, Vans or sandals with fuzzy socks are also an easy way to keep your toes warm.

What’s in:

  • Do wear flannels (for added warmth, wear a zip up jacket as another layer under the flannel).
  • Do wear sweaters.
  • Do wear leather and jean jackets as well as vests
  • Do wear peacoats
  • Do wear boots, converse, vans, strappy sandals (with fuzzy socks, of course).
  • Do wear scarfs.
  • Do wear beanies or knit hats.
  • Do wear leg warmers.
  • Do wear grey, gold, maroon, black, army green, rusty red and dark purple. (Basically, dark colors, these are just a few that are associated with fall.)
  • Do find what you like to wear and then rock it. 
  • Do try on clothes you would not normally wear. 

What’s not:

  • Don’t wear shorts.
  • Don’t wear neon colors.
  • Don’t wear tank tops or crop tops by themselves.
  • Don’t worry what others think about you.
  • Don’t wear things that are not suited for the cold weather.
  • Don’t wear something you do not want to or do not feel comfortable in.

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