Cash Drive kicks off tonight


Alex Raichle

Tonight is the Sadies Hawkins dance and the Mangeant

Alex Raichle, Writer

Tonight  is jam packed with exciting events for students to look forward to.

It will be the kick off to the OHS Cash Drive  with many more events to come. This year’s charity is a global perspective with all money raised going to Hope for Haiti.  The Sadies dance will take place Dec. 2 along with the Mangeant.

Mangeant is a “man pageant” where contestants compete in several fun activities such as a lip sync battle, a makeup contest and many more.The Mangeant chairs consist of Lydia Weisenburger, Bryce Knutson and Carter Kuehn. The Mangeant starts at 7 p.m. in the auditorium!

The contestants will be: Ian Crum, Will Titchenal, Scott Kingland, Nick Hagen, Nick Sande and Isaiah Damitz. Chair Committee Knutson said, , “I am really excited about this event. It’s going to provide entertainment to ohs students and community and will benefit Hope for Haiti.”

The judges for the OHS mangeant who are going to do a super job are Mrs. Polly Shives, Mr.Tate Cummins and Mrs.Jessica Wagner.

After the Mangeant concludes,  OHS Student Council will have pizza while the final touches for the Sadies Dance are set. Sadies will take place at 9:30 p.m. in the cafeteria. The annual Sadie Hawkins dance is where the girls ask the boys to the dance and the theme is also Ugly Christmas sweaters.

For just $10 and one’s student ID, any student can get into both, where pizza and pop will be provided in between events. All proceeds will go to Hope for Haiti fund. Be sure not to miss it!