Hope for Haiti and a good OHS Cash Drive

Braxten Blood and Karson Madole

Hope for Haiti is an immensely heartwarming, yet relatively unknown cause in our community. All students know that OHS Cash Drive always donates to a wholesome charity, yet many are curious as to where their money is going. Anyone who remembers anything about 2010 knows the 7.0 earthquake that shook Haiti was detrimental to the already politically unstable country. The natural disaster of Jan. 12, 2010 was the most powerful one the region experienced in 200 years. The Hope for Haiti mission statement is to, “Improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children.” All money donated to the cause goes towards improving education, healthcare, nutrition, water quality, infrastructure and the economy.

Although there are many students who volunteer in many different ways, as a school OHS does not volunteer or raise money together. The student council sees this problem and takes it upon themselves each year to organize a week to raise funds for a charity of their choice. The cash drive is an annual event that brings the school together while raising money through fun activities. Next week, Dec. 5-9, is the week of cash drive. The students at OHS knew that cash drive was coming up soon when they saw the twitter poll on the student council’s twitter page. The poll was a vote to see to which charity students felt the money raised should go. The students at OHS have recognized the need for assistance in Haiti, hence the reason the money made during this year’s cash drive will be going to the Hope for Haiti organization. Overall, cash drive was decided by the student council committee, but the twitter poll played a part in that decision. Many students cherish this week of giving. Senior Jenna Bogen and junior Tucker Alstead comment on their appreciation for cash drive, saying their favorite part of the week is, “being able to raise money for such a great cause.”

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Cash drive is an exciting week at OHS due to the planned activities put on by student council. Students enjoy participating in the activities with the constant thought that by participating, they are supporting the Hope for Haiti organization. One of the most known activities is the lunch activities. Junior Corey Gander said, “the lunch activities are my favorite.” To get students involved, there will be surprise activities during all lunches throughout the week. The students of OHS enjoy cash drive week and especially the activities. In previous years, if a student donated one dollar or more, they could help smash a car.

The week of cash drive will kick off with the annual Mangent this Friday, Dec 2. Following the Mangent will be the Sadies dance. Tickets are being sold before the Mangent and dance on Friday night. If students want to attend both events, student council is offering tickets for $10 that will include their admittance to both events as well as a complimentary piece of pizza and pop in between. Additionally, there will be T-shirts and water bottle stickers available for students and teachers to purchase throughout the week. This year, student council is having a competition for council members to see who can raise the most amount of money through selling cash drive t-shirts. If a student would like to buy a sticker or t-shirt, they will be sold by various student council members. Funds from the items sold will go towards the school wide amount donated to the Hope for Haiti organization.

Student council will kick off the week with a pepfest following first hour on Monday, Dec. 5. The kickoff cash drive pepfest will be the first pepfest of the year and the first pepfest period for the freshmen students. Many OHS students cannot wait to be in the gym and cannot wait to have a pepfest. Senior, Katie Belina represents many OHS students by saying, “I’m super excited about our first pepfest in the new gym.” On Monday, Dec. 5  student council is holding an elementary game night at 8 p.m. in the OHS gym.

Last year, OHS raised and donated around $4,000. The goal student council made for this year is to beat last year’s amount raised. To reach this goal, students are encouraged to participate and attend as many events as possible. Cash drive is a week that is important to many people inside and outside of the community. The money raised will go to help many people in many different ways in Haiti. The Hope for Haiti organization will be extremely thankful for the work that the OHS student body has done to help their country. This week is a week for students to come together to support and raise money to help an important cause.