Trivia Crack is back!


Nick Sande

Talia Fladager playing Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a well known gaming app that has taken the nation by storm time after time again. When the app was originally released, 85 million people played worldwide. It has 16 million of those people being from the United States. Each year since it was released in 2013, the app has shown bursts of popularity each winter. This year has been no exception to this trend. Yet again, Trivia Crack is being played by tons of students throughout all of OHS.

Senior Mark Kubista said, “I play with most of my friends. I like the social aspect of it. It’s fun to beat people.” Trivia crack is a popular game among various social groups. The game allows a person to play against another (one-on-one) putting trivia knowledge to the test. It is hard to come across people who do not play or have not played in the past. Junior Audrey Revier said, “It’s a fun game to play. I don’t play it now because I don’t have time, but I played it the first time it was popular. You get to learn while you play.”

Bernadette Donlon
Instead of selecting “Classic” on the screen when prompting to start a new game, a player can select Challenge

Trivia Crack is fun to play individually against one friend or stranger. Along with the traditional competition mode, this app includes a mode of the game called “challenge mode.” Similar to being challenged mid-game, this mode allows a person to create a large group of up to 30 people to answer the same series of questions. The player that answers the most questions correctly in the series is awarded coins. This is a fun alternative to the Trivia Crack game that can get many people involved!

The most recent addition to the Trivia Crack game family is called Trivia Crack Kingdoms. Like the classic game, this app tests trivia knowledge. In addition to the classic six categories being randomly selected from, a player can chose a ‘kingdom’ of trivia. These kingdoms, also called channels, range from a wide variety of topics. From Spongebob to ancient civilizations, almost any topic can be found. These channels can be followed and selected to play games on. Games can occur with multiple channels (all “followed” channels) or just using one. The game can be played against a stranger or a friend. Once a game has begun, a player presses chests on the screen to answer questions. Some chests contain just one question, others contain special characters that may ask that two out of three questions correctly, or other options. If the original Trivia Crack game is not interesting enough for you, Trivia Crack Kingdoms is definitely a new game that a person could explore! Happy playing!