Sounds of the season

Alex Raichle, Writer

The Christmas season is filled with many traditions people love to celebrate year after year. One of these beloved traditions is the festive music listened to. For hundreds of years people have celebrated with their favorite songs. The music has evolved over the years to become more modern, but the spirit they hold has stayed the same. OHS Magnet has created two playlists, one including the classic songs everyone knows and loves, and the other including some modern twists on old songs.

While both playlist are filled with plenty of Christmas spirit for all, the traditional playlist may cater more to the older listeners. With classic artists such as: Gene Autry, Frank Sinatra, and several more amazing vocalists. For those looking for the classic Christmas feel, this may be the playlist for you!

The second playlist has a newer feel to it with artists that are popular with the kids of today. Artists like Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, and Pentatonix, provide an updated Christmas spirit for the youth of today.


Happy Holidays from all of us here at Magnet!